becoming a volunteer

Becoming a Pregnancy Center volunteer is a three step process.

The first step toward volunteering is to take a tour of the Bakersfield center and pick up training registration and volunteer application forms. Please contact the Bakersfield office at 326-1915 to make an appointment.  If you have toured  the center previously, you can request that the registration and application materials be mailed to you.
The next step is registering for and completing a training course, followed by on-the job orientation.  Training seminars are held twice yearly. The number of sessions required varies according to the ministry position you are interested in.  For most positions, it consists of three all day classroom training sessions, followed by 25 hours of in-office training (one shift per week).  Pre-training orientation is offered throughout the year for those who have completed their application process (see below) and are awaiting the next training session.  
The third step is a volunteer ministry application.  The application packet includes a personal information form, and three reference forms completed by people who know you.  Once your packet is complete, you will meet with a staff member to review your application and determine the course which is most appropriate for you.  An application can be completed before, during or after training.