volunteer positions

CLIENT ADVOCATE-  Provide coaching and support for women suspecting or experiencing crisis pregnancy; help them work through the various decisions they face; provide education on abortion procedures and risks, parenting and adoption; offer support in Christian love; share the Gospel, maintain contact with the client during her pregnancy.  Involves one 3-hour shift per week.

RECEPTIONIST- Answer phones, greet clients, assist them with the intake process, and do clerical work at the center. Involves one 3-hour shift per week.

MEN'S COACH- Men who will provide coaching, support and training for reach young man who comes to our center. Whether they arrive hoping a test is negative or because they want to participate in our parenting classes, we offer information, encouragement and tools to prepare and build confidence as they become new fathers. One 3-hour shift per week. 

MEDICAL SERVICES VOLUNTEER- Physicians, nurses, and sonographers will assist with pregnancy verification, ultrasounds and education in our medical clinic. We ask that all nurses, sonographers and medical assistants work a minimum of one shift per week (three hours).

MATERIAL RESOURCES ASSISTANT- Wash, mend, sort and organize donations of maternity and baby clothes, and nursery furniture. The schedule is flexible.

SPECIAL PROJECTS ASSISTANT- Work on a task force to carry out activities such as the Fall Fundraiser, Annual Banquet, donor mailings, or other special projects such as our Baby Shower and Job Fair. The schedule is flexible.

CHURCH LIAISON- Help publicize BPC events and prayer needs in your church, and serve as a liaison to share church concerns with Center staff.